Better late then Never, right?

So it’s already Jan 20th, more than half way through the month and I haven’t made a post yet even though I told Carly I would take over on like the 3rd. It’s been a long week this week with sick kids and stomach flu going through the house. Thank goodness it hasn’t hit me.

So lets see if I managed to find 20 things to get rid of. I had been looking through the house constantly with the blog in mind, and there is so much in the house that I want gone. It’s going to be a great decluttering year!

  1. A blue winter jacket – it’s just a regular warm 2 layer type jacket, but it’s too small for me now. I don’t want to hang on to it till it fits me again.
  2. An old game thingy – plugs into the tv, you don’t need a playstation or anything with it, just the right plug on the tv. The kids have tried to play it a few times, but it’s old and not really good, and they’d rather just play on the wii.wp-1453261558745.jpg
  3. Baby Bumbo seat – I’ve tried to use these with a few of the kids, but they always figure out how to get out of them, so they are more of a nuisance then anything.wp-1453293057204.jpg
  4. Stuffie – Do you know the kids show Max and Ruby? We have a Ruby stuffie and Ahnikha is happy to let it go.wp-1453293069859.jpg
  5. A playsckool toy of different shapes – I hope I don’t regret this one. Lukas has a lot of toys, so it really is ok. It’s just a nice toy in great shape.wp-1453293091481.jpgwp-1453293105196.jpg
  6. A horse stuffie – Not sure where it came from either. Ronan decided it could go. So we’ll let it go.wp-1453293148375.jpg
  7. 4 tier office paper holder – It’s probably from the dollar store. It’s pretty terrible quality.wp-1453293160071.jpg
  8. One of the kids bowls – it doesn’t stack nicely with the other bowls, so it’s got to go,even though it’s a nice bowl and the kids all like itwp-1453293656599.jpg
  9. Bag of clothing – I went to a kids clothing swap today and get rid of a giant value village bag of clothing. But in turn I brought clothing home too. So I’m not sure if it counts, but I’m going to count it.wp-1453293691124.jpg
  10. A hooded towel – We used it for the babies. They are all too big for this little hooded towel now.wp-1453293706572.jpg
  11. A few bras – I have a few bras that don’t fit me, and I’m not sure when or if they ever will. I don’t even know how I got them!wp-1453293723227.jpg
  12. A pair of jeans – size 30, never in my adult life have I been that size. Even if I lose all the weight I wanted, I’d never fit in them. Thank you dutch hips.wp-1453293848584.jpg
  13. Skorts – I also have these skorts that I’ve had for years, not sure why I never got rid of them before. They’re pre-kids, my hips aren’t going to fit back into them.
  14. Kids sippy cups – had a few without lids and lids without bottoms. So they went.
  15. Hair roller things – they don’t work for me, my hair is too long. So they found their way to the garbage.
  16. A ball of yarn – I used up a ball of yarn to make my son a creeper from Minecraft. It’s not out of my house, but its not in my stash anymore.wp-1453293874523.jpg
  17. Lunch bags – I had a friend give us lunch bags for the kids, and I didn’t have the hurt to tell her no, so I took them. But they have just been hanging around the house since. I found one just now, and its going to go away.
  18. Fabric softener – James used to do some work for a company that often had sample products come looking for people to be their distributor. We got some all natural fabric softener, yrs and yrs ago. I have never used it, and so its going. It smells terrible, in sure its gone bad by now.wp-1453293942388.jpg
  19. My sister gave me awesome oven mitts for Christmas and so I got rid of the old ones.wp-1453294027485.jpg
  20. James has a pair of swim shorts he doesn’t like he’s willing to get rid of.wp-1453294107475.jpg

So there’s the first 20 things of the yr. Hopefully I can do this daily for you all now that I know how to do it from my phone, easy peasy.