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For those of you seeing this blog for the first time, here’s what it’s all about!

I have a lot of stuff…like…way too much stuff. If you’re like me, when your place is a mess, it makes you feel anxious and stressed, so I am going to do my very best at getting rid of one thing everyday for a year, (and possibly more, depending on how much stuff I have left by December 31st!).

I don’t remember if I’ve ever successfully completed any new years resolution and I figure the reason is because I just give up because it gets too hard. So this year I am focusing on pressing through even though it’s really hard. I saw a quote somewhere. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. I need to change the way I take care of this house and how I think about what gets brought into this house. So, over the course of the next year, I plan to a) find something to get rid of that I don’t use or need and b) photograph and blog about it everyday. Wish me luck and send some encouragement, I’m sure going to need it!

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