Here we try again!

So the former author of this blog and I had a deal, she would go for runs, and I would write a post daily. We both fell of the bandwagon for far to long. I have a really hard time being consistent and it looks like I’m not committed, but I am! I so very badly want to declutter my house and make it nice, but it’s difficult. So I am trying to so it again! I love hearing your what you have to say, please feel free to comment and bit the like button!

So I am going to start again with getting rid of the clothes that have been sitting on the bench on the mudroom for probably at least a good month now. It’s all kids clothes they’ve out grown. It was a kitchen garbage bag full! Yay for less laundry in the house.


And it’s garbage day, so there’s recycling items that will be leaving too!
Have a great day e everyone!

3 thoughts on “Here we try again!

  1. Hey! I’m taking over the running for Carly because she’s busy wedding planning (yay!). I’m on week 7 of the couch to 5 k plan so you’ve got some catching up to do! I’ll check back here tomorrow to look for a post 🙂

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