Well It’s only been a month….

So, I fell off the bandwagon, big time. January 26th was the last time I made a post. But do not fear, I haven’t stopped getting rd of stuff. I just stopped keeping track, for the most part. I’ve implemented a couple new systems/habits. I Keep a grocery bag by the front door so that when I’m folding laundry and come across something that is too small or they don’t want anymore I have somewhere to put it right away. It stops it from making it’s way back into there dressers. The other thing I have been trying to do is when people give me stuff (I’m a sucker for when people are giving away nice things for free) but I will only take the items I actually will make use of. A friend had recently gave me a giant bag full of baby/toddler toys, and there was some nice stuff in there! But there was also some stuff that wouldn’t be of any use since he had grown past the age they were intended, or I just didn’t want anymore things. You can only have so many baby things, right? So I took those few things I could use and let the rest go.

My mom was recently over and we spent some time getting rid of the stuff I had been collecting in my mudroom to donate. The back of her little golf was full! I got rid of the baby’s exersaucer, clothes and shoes he had outgrown, I threw out my old shoes that were falling apart. It was great! It is so much easier to do these things with another person to talk to.

So now I need to get back into the habit of just finding 1 thing a day rather then going in spurts. I find it stressful to look at a room or a corner of that room and try and decide on so many things to get rid of or to keep. This way I can just keep my eyes open through the day and see something and right away I will make a post about it. If you think of me and my posts and wondering what happened, send me a message or something! I need all the help I can get with trying to get this place in order.

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