Before I fall too far behind…

I have 3 things to show you that will be leaving my house.
1) A wooly sort of sleeping bag that goes with a sled that we have that we won’t really get to use as we haven’t had any real good snowfalls this winter. And I don’t think we will be either. Plus I think he’s too big. We never even got a chance to use it, that makes me a little sad, but someone will get a very nice baby sleeping bag.


2) Before Lukas was born I got ( can’t remember if I bought it out if it was a gift; sorry if you are reading this and gave it to me!) this adorable super soft snow suit that I thought would fit. Oh boy was I wrong. It’s size 12 months. He never wore it. I might just try any sell it on kijiji, who knows maybe someone is looking for one for the rest of winter.


3)One of my shirts. It’s a maternity shirt, it was nice on warm days since it was so flowey and lightweight. But it’s always been too short. Now if I wear it, I look so fat or pregnant, so it’s well past its time to go.


If you happen to see anything you might want to have, just let me know, I will set it aside.

Thanks for reading!

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