A Spatula?

I think I need to change my game plan and stop leaving it to “see what I can find”. Because all day I was trying to see what I could get rid of. I think i might tackle a room or corner per month or week or something.

Anyways, today I tried to use a spatula to get the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar, and it was terrible! You should know that I have 2 that are about the same size, it’s a nice small convenient for the last bit in a jar. But this one is terrible. It’s so stiff and rigid it’s not usable. I am not sure why I haven’t gotten rid of it sooner, but today I was holding it and said to myself, ” it’s time I let go of you! ” and told one of the kids to go put it by the front door. Good-bye spatula, I am not going to miss you!


4 thoughts on “A Spatula?

  1. One more thing! I’ve found that a combination of decluttering specific areas along with being aware of things you are coming into contact with helps a lot with decluttering. You can do it!!

    • Thanks! I agree, just being aware makes a whole lot of difference. Just asking myself, do I need this? I’d this improving our lives or causing me stress?

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