Before I fall too far behind…

I have 3 things to show you that will be leaving my house.
1) A wooly sort of sleeping bag that goes with a sled that we have that we won’t really get to use as we haven’t had any real good snowfalls this winter. And I don’t think we will be either. Plus I think he’s too big. We never even got a chance to use it, that makes me a little sad, but someone will get a very nice baby sleeping bag.


2) Before Lukas was born I got ( can’t remember if I bought it out if it was a gift; sorry if you are reading this and gave it to me!) this adorable super soft snow suit that I thought would fit. Oh boy was I wrong. It’s size 12 months. He never wore it. I might just try any sell it on kijiji, who knows maybe someone is looking for one for the rest of winter.


3)One of my shirts. It’s a maternity shirt, it was nice on warm days since it was so flowey and lightweight. But it’s always been too short. Now if I wear it, I look so fat or pregnant, so it’s well past its time to go.


If you happen to see anything you might want to have, just let me know, I will set it aside.

Thanks for reading!


Double Duty Today

Weekends are tough, and they’re busy! Sitting here on Sunday night looking around and I see a pair of pants that I had bought this summer while up north because I had run out of clean warm clothes. So we went to  a town near by and they had one little shop. Of course it was summer, and there were very few pants to choose from. These are not nice pants, these are elastic waist, “old lady” type. So they can go!


My other item is a screen protector for a phone we don’t even have anymore.  It was a great one. James and I both had the same phone but he never put his one for some reason. So if you know of anyone that has a Sony xperia z1, they can have a screen protector if they want.



Growing so fast

So my littlest child is 11 months old and wearing size 18month clothing, and size 24 month for the sleepers for the length and foot size. I came across a shirt of his that I thought I got rid of months ago. A size 6 month onsie. Nothing special about it. It’s hard to explain this attachment to little things that our babies have worn. Time is just so fleeting. Snuggly those babies tight, soak in that smell, it goes so fast, even when the days feel so long.



A Spatula?

I think I need to change my game plan and stop leaving it to “see what I can find”. Because all day I was trying to see what I could get rid of. I think i might tackle a room or corner per month or week or something.

Anyways, today I tried to use a spatula to get the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar, and it was terrible! You should know that I have 2 that are about the same size, it’s a nice small convenient for the last bit in a jar. But this one is terrible. It’s so stiff and rigid it’s not usable. I am not sure why I haven’t gotten rid of it sooner, but today I was holding it and said to myself, ” it’s time I let go of you! ” and told one of the kids to go put it by the front door. Good-bye spatula, I am not going to miss you!



Better late then Never, right?

So it’s already Jan 20th, more than half way through the month and I haven’t made a post yet even though I told Carly I would take over on like the 3rd. It’s been a long week this week with sick kids and stomach flu going through the house. Thank goodness it hasn’t hit me.

So lets see if I managed to find 20 things to get rid of. I had been looking through the house constantly with the blog in mind, and there is so much in the house that I want gone. It’s going to be a great decluttering year!

  1. A blue winter jacket – it’s just a regular warm 2 layer type jacket, but it’s too small for me now. I don’t want to hang on to it till it fits me again.
  2. An old game thingy – plugs into the tv, you don’t need a playstation or anything with it, just the right plug on the tv. The kids have tried to play it a few times, but it’s old and not really good, and they’d rather just play on the wii.wp-1453261558745.jpg
  3. Baby Bumbo seat – I’ve tried to use these with a few of the kids, but they always figure out how to get out of them, so they are more of a nuisance then anything.wp-1453293057204.jpg
  4. Stuffie – Do you know the kids show Max and Ruby? We have a Ruby stuffie and Ahnikha is happy to let it go.wp-1453293069859.jpg
  5. A playsckool toy of different shapes – I hope I don’t regret this one. Lukas has a lot of toys, so it really is ok. It’s just a nice toy in great shape.wp-1453293091481.jpgwp-1453293105196.jpg
  6. A horse stuffie – Not sure where it came from either. Ronan decided it could go. So we’ll let it go.wp-1453293148375.jpg
  7. 4 tier office paper holder – It’s probably from the dollar store. It’s pretty terrible quality.wp-1453293160071.jpg
  8. One of the kids bowls – it doesn’t stack nicely with the other bowls, so it’s got to go,even though it’s a nice bowl and the kids all like itwp-1453293656599.jpg
  9. Bag of clothing – I went to a kids clothing swap today and get rid of a giant value village bag of clothing. But in turn I brought clothing home too. So I’m not sure if it counts, but I’m going to count it.wp-1453293691124.jpg
  10. A hooded towel – We used it for the babies. They are all too big for this little hooded towel now.wp-1453293706572.jpg
  11. A few bras – I have a few bras that don’t fit me, and I’m not sure when or if they ever will. I don’t even know how I got them!wp-1453293723227.jpg
  12. A pair of jeans – size 30, never in my adult life have I been that size. Even if I lose all the weight I wanted, I’d never fit in them. Thank you dutch hips.wp-1453293848584.jpg
  13. Skorts – I also have these skorts that I’ve had for years, not sure why I never got rid of them before. They’re pre-kids, my hips aren’t going to fit back into them.
  14. Kids sippy cups – had a few without lids and lids without bottoms. So they went.
  15. Hair roller things – they don’t work for me, my hair is too long. So they found their way to the garbage.
  16. A ball of yarn – I used up a ball of yarn to make my son a creeper from Minecraft. It’s not out of my house, but its not in my stash anymore.wp-1453293874523.jpg
  17. Lunch bags – I had a friend give us lunch bags for the kids, and I didn’t have the hurt to tell her no, so I took them. But they have just been hanging around the house since. I found one just now, and its going to go away.
  18. Fabric softener – James used to do some work for a company that often had sample products come looking for people to be their distributor. We got some all natural fabric softener, yrs and yrs ago. I have never used it, and so its going. It smells terrible, in sure its gone bad by now.wp-1453293942388.jpg
  19. My sister gave me awesome oven mitts for Christmas and so I got rid of the old ones.wp-1453294027485.jpg
  20. James has a pair of swim shorts he doesn’t like he’s willing to get rid of.wp-1453294107475.jpg

So there’s the first 20 things of the yr. Hopefully I can do this daily for you all now that I know how to do it from my phone, easy peasy.