This Week’s Decluttering

Decluttering itemsHere is this week’s decluttering items!

A shirt of Evan’s (came free in a beer case), a shirt of mine (too small) another 2 shirts (too short, as usual), a pair of dress pants (but it’s that weird material and when you walk it goes swissshhh swisssh, and drives me crazy…er), 2 pieces of fabric (I keep saying I’ll use but I haven’t), a dress I made (a very long time ago), a big stack of papers, mostly from school (old projects that aren’t my favourite, not something I would show somebody else and I don’t enjoy looking at them, so why keep them?), a cord (but I can’t remember what I bought this for like 10 years ago), a CD ( I don’t know what’s on it but I’m sure it’s not important), a sticker (where would I put that?), a necklace (not really my style), a picture of stairs from Independence Hall (I took a long time ago but haven’t put up), some folders, a notepad, a little box, a coffee tin, and a few other things here and there.

So that’s what I have for this week! It did fill up a whole box though so I’m pretty happy with that.

Feel free to share what you’ve decluttered this week, or if you haven’t, tell me what you’re struggling with!

Happy Decluttering!



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