This Week’s Decluttering

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Well, before I pack everything up for the donation box / recycling / garbage… here’s this week’s decluttering! A terrible old mop that scrapes against the floor (ah!), a garbage bin (it doesn’t fit a grocery bag which I use as garbage bags so I never end up using this), the top of a different garbage bin (again, that garbage bin doesn’t fit a grocery bag), 2 knives (I have much better knives!), 1 necklace (I wore it to my sister’s wedding, then wore it like ALL the time, now not so much…), 2 bracelets (I never wear them), a belt (too small), a bathing suit bottom (I don’t have the top anymore, plus it’s probably like 10 years old), 2 bras (too small), 3 pairs of tights/pantyhose (I never wear these), a dust pan (it’s old and curved so all the dust goes underneath, plus I have more dust pans than brusher sweeper things), labels (I don’t have a printer), sleeve protectors (don’t need ’em), and some old magazine clippings (recycling!).

Happy Decluttering!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Decluttering

  1. Girlfriend, after your big year long purge last year, i’m surprised to see you still have so many things to put in this weeks pile!

    You inspired me so much that i started the 365 day purge this year and as of today i have probably posted 9 things. This is a lot harder to do than it looks – not because i don’t have enough to get rid of, i just don’t have TIME to make that daily decision AND post about it. My hats off to you and others who have accomplished this amazing feat!

    • I wish you all the best in your decluttering! Sometimes its about “making the time” that you don’t have. Always easier said than done. In the end though, you’ll have more time with less to keep tidy.

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