Day Two Hundred and Ninety Eight – Game

NHL 09 Xbox Game

Oh boy I am tired! I fell asleep but got up before the day was over just to make this post. Here’s hoping you haven’t noticed my game, clothing item, game, clothing item pattern yet this week. I’ll try to broaden my variety for the upcoming week! Until then… here’s another game.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Seven – Dress Shirt Sweater Thing

sweater dress

Whatever you want to call this… A dress? Long Shirt? Sweater? Sweater dress? I got it a couple years ago, just never really wore it… If I’m cold enough to wear something that’s warm and knitted… I need sleeves! Plus the built in belt never ends up at the right spot for me. I’m sure someone will like it for themselves. 🙂 It is cute though! Just not for me… I’ve become a lot pickier with what clothes I buy though, especially after starting this blog.



Day Two Hundred and Ninety Five – Shirt

black shirt

I remember looking for a plain black shirt for some job I needed… and now I can’t even remember what job it was for. But I know it’s not the one I have now, and I never wear it so… going to donate it, and make some more room in my closet.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Two – Beer Bottle

beer bottle jake the snake

Evan got this beer last year and really liked the bottle (which, lets face it… is why he got it in the first place). Now that the year is getting closer to the end it’s, of course, getting more difficult to find things to get rid of… but he’s giving this one up!

“But you love this bottle!”

“But I love you more”.

“Oh that’s sweet”

“Yes. I love you more than a beer bottle”.