Day Two Hundred and Sixty Five – Magazines


100 days left. Whew, we’re getting there!

Recently a shelf on my bookshelf collapsed… So I went through all the magazines/books/etc. on it and decluttered a lot of it. These are magazines I collected from various friends and free magazine stands for me to cut up and use for school. Now I am done school and won’t be needing these for projects. I can’t imagine ever opening up any of these and reading them… Off they go!


Day Two Hundred and Sixty Four – DVD Player

dvd player

It doesn’t work! I kept it because… well I thought maybe one day it would just work again. It hasn’t. It’s broken. But in its defense… when I was in college I didn’t have cable and all I had was movies to watch and I would just watch the same ones over and over all day long in the background while I did my homework… which was all the time. It was $20 at Wal-Mart and worth every penny.


Day Two Hundred and Sixty Three – Tanktop

tanktopI like this shirt, I do wear it once in a while but not as much as I used to. I was really trying to cut down on how much clothes I have, and managed to get most (besides coats/dresses/socks/undies which are in other locations) of both our clothes into one closet. We used to have the closet plus a shelving unit type of thing with those fabric boxes, and after getting rid of a lot of clothes that shelf fits into the closet now, leaving the bedroom that much less cluttered. :). Yay!

Let’s hope most of that made sense. I’m very tired! Goodnight.


Day Two Hundred and Sixty One – Socks


You know those socks in your drawer that you don’t really like… but you don’t want to get rid of because there’s nothing really wrong with them? They might be all that’s left in your drawer but you consider yourself “out of socks”. These are them. They’re just a little bit too small, and a little bit too thin. I have plenty of socks and I do laundry before I get to any of these ones.