Day Two Hundred and Thirty Six – CD

great big sea CD

This is another CD of Evan’s that he no longer wants. Much easier just to listen to it online anyway right? Right. Sometimes I wonder why we have a whole CD stand of CDs when we don’t listen to them… but at least they fit on just one stand now :).


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Five – Shoes

puma shoes

These shoes were hand-me-downs from my previous roommate, who happened to have the same shoe size as me (how handy). I tried them on and they were pretty comfy (and free), so I gladly took them. The first time I wore them for a longish period of time was to visit my sister in Philadelphia, where I always do a lot of walking. This was silly of me as my feet were not used to these shoes yet and they pretty much destroyed my feet and I had the worst blisters ever and my ankles were all swollen and it was just awful. I tried these on the other day and they are still not comfortable, my feet must be remembering. Anyway, I haven’t worn them since then which was about a year ago, so I’m going to pass these on and let someone else wear them.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Three – Shirt


I’m not too sure if this shirt lost its shape quickly or if I wasn’t picky enough when I bought it, but it just doesn’t fit very well and I don’t wear it. I find I am much picker now about what clothes I buy, and what stuff I bring into the house in general.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Two – Jeans


These are a pair of jeans that I used to wear a lot but not so much anymore. They’ve got some random stains on them and I have other ones I like better so… these ones can go. It’s strange… if you think of how many pairs of pants you have… and then actually count how many pants you have… I bet there’s a big difference!

I read somewhere that we wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Sounds about right! Chances are you’ve got lots of clothes in your closet that you hardly ever (or never) wear. Make some room for the clothes you love :).


Day Two Hundred and Thirty – Small Plates

small plates

As promised, here are the small plates to go along with the set. It’s been about a week since we decided we could let this go, and I gotta say… it makes putting dishes away a little faster as it all goes into the same cupboard. It’s the little things in life! Plus the kitchen counters are a little more bare which is lovely :).