Day One Hundred and Forty Four – Blue Sweater

blue sweater

Today’s decluttering item…. this blue sweater. Haven’t worn it in a while, I didn’t really wear it all winter, so chances are I won’t be wearing it at all. In previous posts I gave away a black and purple sweater that looked similar to this one and decided I would give this one another shot and see if I would wear it. That was a month or two ago and I still haven’t. You had your chance, sweater!¬†Out you go.


Day One Hundred and Thirty Eight – Holey Socks

funky socks

This Sunday’s decluttering item is my holey socks. What can I say? They have holes. I don’t wear them. Sometimes I put them on and then I realize they have holes in them. So I put them back in the drawer…why…? I do not know. Do you have socks like those? Ditch ’em!