Day One Hundred and Thirteen – Spring Jacket

spring jacket

This is one of Evan’s spring jackets but he doesn’t wear it and says we don’t need to keep it. He’s really more of a sweater or winter coat type. There’s really no inbetween. May as well be of use to someone else rather than hanging in the closet, right? Right.


Day One Hundred and Twelve – Knives

bread knives

I made bread last week in my breadmaker. (Mmmm!) I dug around in my knife drawer to find my very best bread knife (part of a knife set I got for Christmas from Evan’s parents). When I was done with it I threw it in the sink, and later went back for more bread. Not wanting to clean the knife and knowing I had other bread knives I searched the drawer for another one. Did not go so well. It just would not cut through. So I tried another, with no better results. Eventually I just rewashed the knife from earlier. So! That basically means these 2 knives are useless.

I thought about just putting this in with the camping stuff but really, when am I going to need a bread knife while camping? Never. These ones are going! Which means I’ll be able to find my good bread knife a lot quicker now. I’m sure I’ll have to go through that drawer before the year is done and find some more┬áknives that I don’t use. Both because I keep moving knives around the find the one I want, and because I’ll probably be so desperate to find things to get rid of by the end of the year. I should probably stop screwing myself over by getting rid of things in┬ámultiples and stick to one a day.


Day One Hundred and Eleven – Notebooks

Spiral notebooks

Having gone to college for 5 years (and just finished!), I’ve gone through a lot of notebooks. So I ripped out all the pages I’ve used and I’m left with a bunch of notebooks (with many blank pages left in them) that I don’t really need. So I will either find someone who can use these, or add them to the donation box.


Day One Hundred and Ten – Necklace

cross necklace

I have this necklace. I don’t know who it’s from. Or maybe I got it? I don’t know when it’s from… I really have a complete gap in my memory regarding any information on this necklace. Perhaps it was one of those – I’ll break it apart and make something else out of it? I don’t know. I do know that I don’t wear it. I don’t need it. So it’s going!


Day One Hundred and Nine – Green Tank

green tank top

Well! In that same box as mentioned yesterday, was this tank top. It was wrapped around the bowl (that I gave away yesterday) to keep it from breaking. I believe I got this shirt about 10 years ago, and it is very short on me now, and obviously I haven’t used it as it’s been in this box for years. Into the donate box it goes.


Day One Hundred and Eight – Little Glass Bowl

little glass bowl

After wandering the house looking for something to get rid of, I had gone from room to room multiple times with no success. In our linen closet I noticed a box (of mine) that had not been unpacked yet. So I opened it up and found various bowls and glasses and teacups. This bowl was in it and I had completely forgotten I had it. Which means I won’t miss it if I didn’t have it. It’s a handy little bowl but I have 2 other handy little bowls like this, Pyrex ones which I love, and they have their own little lids too. So I can’t imagine a time I would pick this bowl over those 2 bowls. Off it goes to be of use to someone else!


Day One Hundred and Seven – Snow Pants

red snow pants

So! A couple years ago for my sister’s birthday I took her dog sledding. She didn’t have any snow pants, and so I went to the thrift store and bought 2 pairs as she wasn’t there to try them on (she lives in the U.S., I live in Canada), and we were going to be very pressed for time (as usual) during her visit. So! This is the pair that didn’t fit her so well, but I’ll keep the one she did use in case (hopefully) we go dog sledding again.