Day Fifty Two – Measuring Cups

orange measuring cups

Well I mentioned a few days ago that I went through my measuring spoons and measuring cups. I have three sets of measuring cups but I really don’t use these orange ones at all. So! My sister said she’d like to have them and I am flying down to Philadelphia tomorrow and will be packing them with me today. Can’t wait to see her!


Day Fifty One – Lemon Sauce

VH lemon sauce jar

Well I got this lemon sauce for a recipe one time. Before I realized… that I don’t really like lemon very much. Needless to say, I won’t be making that recipe again. Which means I won’t be using this again either! I meant to send this with my Mom last time she was over but forgot, but as I’m going there today I figure this is an appropriate give-away! See you soon, Mom!


Day Fifty – Nail Polish… or… it was here.

nicole O.P.I. topcoat nail polish bottle

I’m going to take a wild guess and say this may have had a leak…

On Valentine’s Day I had a hot date! My friend Melanie came over and we watched chick flicks, ate popcorn, and painted our nails. I painted my toenails (purple!) and went to put top coat on and realized that wasn’t about to happen. Guess I won’t be needing this anymore!

p.s. woohoo! I’m halfway to 100!


Day Forty Nine – Giant Tiger Mug

giant tiger store mug

Well, I feel as though we may have too many mugs. Especially since neither of us drink coffee or tea, and Evan doesn’t like hot beverages. So we went through all of our mugs to see which we don’t like, and we came out with a whopping……. one. This one. That’s it. Apparently we’re attached to all the other ones. So goodbye mug, outcha go! Only one gone but it’s that much more space in the cupboard.


Day 48 – Measuring Spoons

white measuring spoons

So my measuring spoons live in my “cooking utensils” drawer. Mixed in with all my spatulas and wooden spoons, etc. It takes me a surprisingly long time to find the right measuring spoon sometimes. So I thought I’d gather them all up and put them in one place in it’s own little cubby. So I gathered them all up. I have SIX sets! SIX? When did this happen, why do I have so many?

I’ve decided to give these ones away because they are my least favourite and least used. They are my least favourite because the bottoms are not round like a spoon, which makes it harder to clean because they have “corners” … kind of. As much as circles can have corners… Anyway, this one, and a couple other sets in the future are leaving the house! To clarify… I mean in the future I will be giving the sets away, not giving away sets that are from the future.


Day Forty Seven – Monkey Pants!

monkey pajama pants

I really like these pajama pants. I don’t wear them. But I love the look of them! They’re also kind of short on me. I don’t really want to get rid of them… but I really don’t wear them. They are very much my sister’s style though so let’s see if she likes them!


Day Forty Six – Unmentionables!

just peachy fig leaves bra

I’ve thought long and hard, and asked a few people, is this too personal? But now I’m thinking… I’m doing this for myself. Not for anyone else, so who cares?

I ordered this bra online one time (because bras are expensive and it was a good deal, worth the risk), tried it on… it doesn’t fit…and the cost to ship it back…. not really worth it. So I thought I’d try to sell it on Kijiji. I’m sure it will take a while if that works at all, but I’ll give it a try!